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At Holy Wiches we start with premium grade AAA Canadian beef (blade eye cut) and Grade A Chicken and marinate them for 12 hours with our signature blend of herbs and spices to create a one-of-a-kind flavour profile. The proteins are slow roasted until tender, chopped and finished on the griddle where we add our signature syrup to add a caramelized finish. The meat is then piled high on sourdough bread (sandwich) or on liliths flat bread (wrap) and topped with guests’ choice of house sauces and locally sourced premium green toppings. Vegetarian? Vegan? Speciality Diet? We haven't forgotten YOU. We oven bake our own signature veggie patties. No fillers, soy, pea protein or the likes here. Finely chopped locally sourced vegetables mixed with our signature blend of flours and turned into a patty for you to savour!!!


Sourdough bread serves as the foundation for our epic sandwiches. If you are feeling a little guilty or holier-than-thou, you can choose beef, chicken or our signature veggie patty. Whatever you're in the mood for!!!

Salad bowl

Fresh leafy premium greens and vegetables are a staple on our menu. Made fresh to order, each of our salads are packaged in convenient, ready-to- go containers with everything a guest needs—just add the dressing and shake!


100% Whole Wheat flatbreads are baked fresh every day from scratch in-house. Select your choice of protein and combine that with our signature sauce, hot toppings and premium fresh greens


Smashed potatoes, premium veggie chips, red cabbage slaw, fresh flatbread and greens are offered as sides. To ensure that each and every part of your meal is enjoyable, we have ensured that sides are as good as your main meal

vixen's lemon elixir

Freshly squeezed lemon juice prepared everyday.

Our lemonade is DIFFERENT from all other lemonade's. It contains, himalayan pink salt which is the purest, cleanest, unprocessed salt without anti-caking agents and contains 84 minerals and elements found in human body. It is also referred to as NATURE's PUREST SALT. Balanced out with sugar, this lemonade is the healthiest and best tasting beverage you will have!!!



Why we are different

  • fresh local produce

  • halal non processed meat

  • all natural ingredients

  • whole wheat blend flat bread baked in-house