Our "secret" Sauces


Old fashioned sweet and savoury tomato jam, made fresh without any pectin or canning methods


Tamarind and dates slow cooked with spices and gurrh / jaggery (raw natural derivative of sugarcane) and turned into a sauce, specifically created to add a unique sweet and sour profile. Highly recommended with Holy Cow and Chickwich


This sauce starts out as a paste of cilantro, mint and thai chillies macerated in olive oil. We add yogurt and a few other ingredients to finish this off. Works as a perfect compliment to the sweet and sour taste of Vamp sauce. Highly recommended with Holy Cow and Chickwich


A unique blend of spices and herbs mixed with mayo and sour cream. Add an extra kick to your meal by adding our 7-spice aioli. Spicy mayo lovers have met their match!!!


Fresh roasted garlic is the starting point for this sauce, mixed with spices and herbs, finished off in mayo sour cream blend. Garlic sauce lovers will be over the moon!!!

HW Lemon Dressing

The lightest of all our sauces takes citrus dressing to another level. A perfect choice for all our vegan and dairy free food lovers.