About Us

No sacrilege here. Welcome to Holy Wiches – where the sandwiches are so good it’s a sin. Holy Wiches is an express casual restaurant that focuses on just one thing: really, really, good sandwiches. We’ve remixed the classic sandy with devilish spices and heavenly flavours, shall we say to die for?

I bet you’re wondering what the devil is up with our name. The “Holy Wich” was conceived in part when co-owner Atif began experimenting with his secret blend of herbs and spices, marinating chicken and beef for family gatherings. One combination became the clear favourite, and the roasted meats inevitably made their way between two pieces of bread where it was met with “Holy !!!! That’s a good Sandwich”.

Ownership lead by Husband and Wife Atif and Ayisha looks to carve its own space in the premium sandwich segment with their Holy Wiches brand. These premium crafted hot sandwiches are made fresh to order and piled high with their savoury, signature roasted meats, signature sauces and fresh toppings. Value was a primary focus for Atif and Ayisha, along with uncompromised flavour.


Holy Wiches believes in being honest and transparent with our guests, while never sacrificing the quality of service, product, or progress for the sake of a buck. If your guests are happy, so is your accountant.

Ingraining a service philosophy that is constantly aiming to perfect a fast, efficient, and memorable guest experience. We engage with every guest to ensure they are getting their sandwich delivered to them in the way they can best enjoy it.

Promoting a sincere and honest communication from ownership through our staff right to our guests, that shows we not only promote our brand but live our own lives according to our values.

Becoming a part of the community and ensuring that our guests and team feel both welcome and at home while creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture.


A menu specifically designed to be easily ordered by the guest and efficiently executed and delivered by staff.

Provide our guests with the highest quality and freshest ingredients in our offerings. We use fresh always and local when possible to provide our customers with our best product every time.

Commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. From environmentally friendly packaging to using sustainable produced resources where possible we know we have a responsibility to the future of this world as a business.